PROxy Foil


Proxymity Foil provides daily joy and freedom. Wherever and whenever you want. The power of your body creates the propulsion. A full body workout.
The vision:

- all over the world and on many days to enjoy the thrust of waves that are too small for surfing, even on lakes.

- long lasting tremendous fun on any flat water. Agile and energetic, with sharp turns, jumps and even loops and rotations.


How it works

The vehicle has no engine and does not require external support by wire rope or

motorboat. It is 100% powered by the strength of your body.

You start from the shore. Due to the handle bar you are ten times more flexible, than a pump foil surf board and it offers you a lot more control and access to radical maneuvers.

The foil carries you. Your speed creates the lift. Just like a bird ́s wing does.
You steer the vehicle up and down. On the downturn you push it, on the upswing it is relieved. This creates propulsion and you maintain speed.


Key data:

Wingspan 1.4m
Weight 9kg
Speed average: 17km/h; max 23 km/h
No problems with legal regulations (registration, license plate,...)
Can be transported on your back. You can go by bicycle to your home beach.
Start the vehicle from the shore with a strong forward pushing step.

Learning takes approx. 5 sessions until you first ride and will then give you lifelong joy in improvement.



Jan Grebe Germany

+49 176 63109920